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Cabinet Trends for Your Current—and Future—Kitchen

This year, designers are rethinking kitchen and dining spaces using new colors, styles, and materials that reflect the changing needs of homeowners and the way we live.

Ditch Big-Box Cabinets and Get Both Quality and Savings with Wholesale Cabinetry

While the initial price of big-box cabinets may be low, the quality often follows, making these cabinets a poor long-term investment.

Leverage the Trend in Warm Neutrals with Luxurious Cabinets in Cashmere

Using cashmere — and other warm neutral cabinet finishes — for both elegant and casual decor.

Cabinets Are for More Than Kitchens—Using Cabinetry to Elevate the Bath, Laundry, and More

Cabinets can be used throughout the home, wherever storage or additional organization is needed.

Did You Know? Cabinets are for More Than Just Kitchens!

Using Cabinets Throughout Your Home for Form — and Function.

Exploring Matte Black and White Gloss Cabinetry

We’re talking about the use of matte black and white gloss cabinetry to create stunning — and functional — kitchenscapes.

Tips on Using Dark Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Whether you’re building a new home or making improvements to your existing living space, you will want to be aware of what is trending in kitchen design to give yourself a good starting point for making major purchases — like cabinetry.

Invest in Your Home — And Yourself — with a Stunning Bathroom Remodel

Planning a Bathroom Remodel for the Greatest Return on Your Investment

A Quick Guide to Understanding Framed and Frameless Cabinets

This article will feature information you can use to determine which cabinet construction style — framed or frameless — is best for your next cabinetry design project.

ProCraft does packaging on site and why that matters

At ProCraft, we pride ourselves on thinking about all the details, and there’s one key piece we offer that other cabinetry companies might not, and it’s something you might not think of immediately.