Cabinet Trends for Your Current—and Future—Kitchen

Experts in kitchen design are always looking for new ways to create long-lasting impact. This year, designers are rethinking kitchen and dining spaces using new colors, styles, and materials that reflect the changing needs of homeowners and the way we live. For example, the ongoing pandemic has caused a shift from working outside the home to working in it, initiating innovations in kitchen design that express a new level of utility. Multitasking kitchens where you can pay bills, send emails, or even conduct a full-blown corporate takeover.


While kitchen design encompasses a wide variety of elements from paint colors to lighting, flooring, and countertops, the centerpiece of any kitchen remains the cabinetry. As permanent furniture for this central living space, cabinets are a focal point that can make—or break—your design. As they are one of the largest parts of a kitchen remodel or build budget, you will want to take extra care in choosing styles and colors that can stand the test of time while reflecting your personality and design aesthetic.


Cabinet Trends That Can Keep Your Kitchen Design Fresh for Years

Cabinet trends to watch for the coming year focus on color, style, and utility. Kitchens are being reimagined as primary work and living spaces, and cabinets are playing a major role in this transformation. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Cabinet Finishes That Wow

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all cabinet finish. Today’s cabinets come in a variety of finishes from high-impact glossy cabinets to luxurious matte styles. Reflective cabinets with a gloss finish can add a contemporary touch and bounce light around the room for a lighter, airier feel, while matte cabinetry produces an unparalleled level of subtle elegance and warmth. There are even textured finishes used with wood-tone cabinets that add subtle interest to your design. The best finish for kitchen cabinets, however, is the one that exemplifies the tone and feel you want in this most central of gathering spaces in your home. Best of all, these finishes can help elevate and spotlight any color of cabinetry, from deep blues and blacks to neutrals and wood tones.


Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Pack a Punch

It’s hard to peg the best color for kitchen cabinets this year because the choices are so varied. While there is a definite trend toward earthy neutrals like grays, taupes, and cashmere, black and white are still timeless classics. However, there is also a big push toward bold color choices such as blues, greens, and everything in between. To help your kitchen retain its evergreen appeal, consider choosing neutrals or classics for the main areas of cabinetry and let an island or pantry stand out with contrasting or bold colors. Or, choose bolder colors for base cabinetry and let upper cabinets counterbalance the pop of color by using warm neutrals or lighter shades.


Door Panel Details—Or Not

Flat-panel doors on cabinets can give your kitchen a sleek, minimalist vibe and help give the appearance of spaciousness, even in a small kitchen. But if a more traditional look suits your design aesthetic better, you can still modernize with transitional door panels that have a simpler silhouette. Both choices will work well in a number of design applications, and both will help your kitchen design stay fresh for years to come, increasing your return on investment and helping your budget dollar stretch a bit further.



ProCraft—Your One-Stop Source for All Cabinet Trends

At ProCraft, we understand how important your investment in kitchen cabinetry is. That is why we offer a complete range of cabinet choices that will fit every design aesthetic—and every budget.


Our two product lines—the Framed ProCraft Series and Frameless Milania Series—offer a comprehensive choice of finishes, colors, and styles that can suit any look from contemporary to traditional, large to small, and luxurious to casual. With 59 total door and finish options, our buyers keep their fingers on the pulse of trends, but with an eye toward designs, colors, and textures that stand the test of time. In addition, we focus on producing the highest-quality cabinet construction, with furniture-grade plywood, dovetail jointing, soft-close hinges, and hardwood corner blocks that mean strong, study, long-lasting cabinetry that can stand up to the rigors of daily living.


Best of all, our cabinets are backed by a five-year warranty and are available through our nine distribution centers located across the country, so you can get the cabinets you want on time and damage-free. Add a little spark to your kitchen design this year with a bold color, an unexpected finish, or a classic style, and create a space that will serve you and your family for years to come.


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