Did You Know? Cabinets are for More Than Just Kitchens!

Everyone knows that good cabinetry is the centerpiece of most kitchen spaces, adding not only versatility but a touch of elegance and style to this most central of all living spaces. In fact, many people spend weeks — or even months — deciding upon just the right cabinets to complete their kitchen builds or remodels that will exemplify their style and add functionality to one of the most important rooms in the home.


But lots of people overlook the fact that cabinets can be used in just about every area of the home, providing a host of benefits and a way to further unify your home’s unique design and style elements. This article will look at some often-overlooked areas where cabinets can be a real benefit to designers — and the clients they serve.


Using Cabinets Throughout Your Home for Form — and Function

While cabinets make great design elements — they are also a great way to keep the rest of your home as organized and useful as your kitchen. They can help pull together a whole-house look or design or add versatility to virtually any space in your home. Here are some smart places where cabinets can help you get the most from your living spaces:


Start at the Beginning

Most homes have at least an entryway, although some are lucky enough to have a complete mud room to help corral clutter and help residents — and visitors — transition from the outdoors to the indoor living space. No matter what size space you have, creating an organized and inviting entry area is easy with the right cabinets. Cabinets can help consolidate the typical items that tend to accumulate in entry areas such as shoes, jackets, backpacks, purses, and even sports equipment to help keep the area neat and tidy.


Keeping your entry area clutter-free ensures visitors to your home aren’t overwhelmed by visual chaos and helps homeowners stay organized as they come and go throughout the day.


Consider Dinner

While you could purchase a sideboard or other piece of furniture to expand the utility of your dining area, choosing cabinets that match your kitchen, especially if your kitchen and dining room are visually linked is a smarter choice. Cabinets in the dining room are about more than just about synergy between spaces. You can use them as places to store serving ware, table utensils, special occasion china, and even alcohol and barware.


Smartly placed cabinets can even offer a way to separate great room areas such as a kitchen and attached dining room or a dining room that flows into a living area.


Be Clean and Organized

The laundry room is a critical part of your home, especially if you have a large family or are very active. Not only are the location and size important , but also the way you organize it. Elevating your laundry room to be not simply utilitarian, but also beautiful, can help make laundry and other chores easier and more fun, regardless of the size of your space.


Choosing cabinets that complement your décor to outfit your laundry space also add storage and versatility. If your laundry room is large enough, you can even add a cabinet-based island to give yourself extra space for folding and sorting laundry or doing other projects. Built-ins that reach from floor to ceiling can optimize the vertical space while pull-out drawers and other thoughtful additions can add appeal and utility.


Don’t Forget Your Workspace

If you are one of the many people who switched to a remote or hybrid work environment, you may have set up a temporary home office. And if you’re like almost half of employees still working from home, you may want to outfit that space in a way that helps you get your job done better, faster, and with greater comfort and ease.


Adding cabinetry to your home office not only gives you extra utility, but it can also make even the smallest of spaces — like an unused closet or entryway — into a well-designed and visually-appealing part of your home.


Depending on your space, you may choose base cabinets only, or opt for wall cabinets to give yourself extra storage space. For those professionals who need space to spread out or complete hands-on projects, consider adding an island with a cabinet base.


Go Below

If you are lucky enough to have a basement, you should take full advantage of it by adding cabinets. First consider how you use your basement space. Is it a recreation room? A theater room? A place for the kids to hang out? A place to work on projects? Once you determine how you’ll use your basement, you can make the right cabinet choice to give you the most storage — and the right look and feel.


Need Help Choosing Cabinets? Our ProCraft Professionals Can Help!

There are so many places in your home where cabinets can offer not only the ability to unify the look and feel of your home’s design, but also provide value-added functionality and storage. From linen storage to home offices to entryway and laundry organization, the addition of high-quality cabinets can elevate your space in terms of both form — and function.


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