Ditch Big-Box Cabinets and Get Both Quality and Savings with Wholesale Cabinetry

Homeowners planning a home build or kitchen remodel are often hyper-focused on budgetary concerns. Since kitchen cabinets are one of the largest budget spends for a kitchen, many consumers start here when looking for ways to cut expenditures, often considering low-priced stock cabinets from big-box stores.


While the initial price may be low, the quality often follows, making these cabinets a poor long-term investment. On top of that, there are many other cons to choosing these off-the-shelf cabinets, such as:


Limited style and finish options

Low quality and durability

Standard sizes that limit kitchen design options

May need assembly, causing higher labor costs


In addition, because you are purchasing these cabinets from a big-box retailer, you don’t have access to the kind of customer service and installation quality that you find from companies that specialize in providing high-quality cabinetry.


Why Choosing ProCraft Cabinets Offer High Quality at a Lower Price

At ProCraft, our entire focus is the production of high-quality, reasonably priced cabinets for the home. Because we don’t carry any other products, we have our fingers on the pulse of current trends, the best materials, and evolving manufacturing techniques that help us perfect the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality cabinets for the home. Other reasons to choose ProCraft include:



Quality construction is the hallmark of our cabinets. We start by using furniture-grade plywood over standard plywood during construction for construction boxes and shelves and sturdy 5/8 solid wood drawer boxes with classic dovetail joinery that helps them withstand years of daily use. Side panels are dovetailed into order face frames, and solid hardwood corner blocks are added as well, to provide extra rigidity and durability. Finally, we use soft-close hinges on all our doors, minimizing stress on the cabinets and adding a seamless look. These hinges also offer a safety advantage by closing slowly to avoid finger pinches—perfect for homeowners with small children.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities help us meet all KCMA standards, and our finish quality helps cabinets resist typical kitchen spills such as coffee, red wine, ketchup, mustard, and vinegar.



Unlike big-box retailers, we offer a huge range of choices for cabinet styles, colors, and finishes. With 59 total door and finish options from which to choose from, we carry both timeless classics and on-trend styles that will match any design concept.



Customer Service

We make working with us easy by offering dealers, designers, and other professionals a complete digital library of resources that they can reference any time, from anywhere. In addition, we warranty our products for a full five years.


Finally, for those truly bespoke projects, we offer a modification program that can help you provide your customers with unique needs the right products for their design. Things like finished interiors, cabinets with increased depths, and bench modifications are a breeze and make our cabinets comparable to many semi-custom lines.


Quick Turnaround

Whether you need cabinets for a single kitchen, a multi-house project, or an entire neighborhood, we have you covered. With distribution centers located across the country, our ProCraft cabinets are assembled and ready to be delivered within eight business days. Our RTA cabinetry is ready even sooner—as quickly as three days after order. Our distribution center locations include:


Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

Jacksonville, FL

Miami, FL

Atlanta, GA

Nashville, TN

Chicago, IL

Phoenix, AX

Seattle, WA


By placing these centers in large metropolitan areas, we can ensure your cabinets are ready when you are.



Because we bypass large, bigbox retail establishments and ship directly to dealers, installers, designers, kitchen contractors, builders, and other professionals, we can offer competitive prices.


Expert Installation

That’s where you come in. When consumers hire professionals like dealers, contractors, and others to install kitchen cabinetry, things go much more smoothly. We don’t offer installation, but our team of dealers and other professionals do, helping consumers save time, money, and aggravation. Cabinet installations can be tricky, so having a professional to install means the job will be done correctly, keeping the warranty intact and ensuring a smooth, professional finish.


Get the ProCraft Advantage Now!

There is a lot to love about ProCraft cabinetry. Comparable to many semi-custom cabinet lines, we offer direct-to-dealer pricing while producing a product with unbeatable quality. We pride ourselves on working closely with builders, dealers, and other professionals to help them provide their clients with the most value for their budget dollar, offering an extensive array of style and color choices to suit any design concept and budget. In fact, we have a complete library of resources to help our partners educate their clientele, including professionally created catalogs, brochures, and flyers.


Our mobile friendly dealer portal features state-of-the-art technology to help you succeed, whether you’re in your office, on the jobsite, or at a customer’s home. Through it, you can provide estimates and orders with just a click, view inventory, get shipping quotes, and even file warranty claims, among other things. With our combination of support, service, and reliable quality, we offer dealers and their clients a win-win opportunity.


Ready to get the ProCraft advantage? Become a ProCraft Dealer today—just contact a ProCraft representative and get in touch!