Exploring Matte Black and White Gloss Cabinetry

While white kitchens have been a timeless favorite of many interior designers, two kitchen trends have hit the scene and are shaking things up — and becoming tried and true ways to create a kitchen with real impact.


We’re talking about the use of matte black and white gloss cabinetry to create stunning — and functional — kitchenscapes.


This article will show you how these two design possibilities are moving from trendy to timeless in their own accord — and why consumers are flocking to these options as a way of creating sophisticated kitchen designs that stand out from the crowd.


Matte Black or White Gloss? The Choice is Yours!

Black and white — and matte and gloss — are by their very natures exact opposites. However, each can bring elegance, boldness, and versatility to any kitchen space, even though they accomplish this in very different ways. Here, we’ll look at both options to give you a clear idea of how to use these cabinets in your own space.


Matte Black is the New Black

While white kitchen cabinets have been a comfortable choice for kitchen design for decades, more people are turning to the sophistication and drama of black kitchens to up their design ante and bring some excitement into their spaces. And nothing is more powerful than the toned-down simplicity of matte black cabinets.


Matte Black is Functional

The kitchen is not only the heart of your home, but also where a lot of (messy) work gets done. It’s a place where marinara sauce spills, where greasy fingerprints abound, and where dirt and stains are frequent visitors. Black kitchen cabinets, especially matte ones, are more forgiving when it comes to a bit of kitchen mess, so when company shows up unexpectedly, you won’t have to worry about deep cleaning cabinet doors when a simple wipe down will do.


Black Helps Hardware Pop

Sometimes design is all about the details. Black cabinets, particularly non-shiny matte-finished one, help highlight creative hardware choices by letting them stand out boldly. Handles and even hinges can show up well against the dark cabinetry, allowing you to influence your design with your choice of traditional or modern pulls or knobs.


No Hardware, No Problem

Matte black is also the perfect playground for the modern, minimalistic design lover. If you choose frameless cabinets without need for handles or hardware, the deep black draws the eye and opens up the design by offering a seamless view.


Black is Dramatic

There’s a reason every woman needs a Little Black Dress. Black is the color of minimalist elegance and sophistication. Psychologically, we associate black with quality, luxury, and drama. A black tuxedo, a black limousine, and of course, that black dress all underscore black’s propensity to add a touch of class wherever it is found. It’s seductive, inviting, and full of refinement.


Black is Easy to Maintain

Kitchens are the focus of a lot of hard work, so accidents will happen. With black, and especially matte black cabinets, these accidents—and the typical aging that happens over time—are cleverly hidden. In addition, matching paint for touch ups is much easier on black cabinets than many other colors.


But White is Still Right

The white kitchen is sometimes tagged for being boring and sterile, but it never goes out of style. Why? Because it stands the test of time, never looking outdated and giving you more bang for your buck by extending times between remodels.


If you want to add some excitement to your white kitchen, look no further than gloss white cabinets to bring a new level of sophistication and depth to your design. Here’s how:


White Gloss Leads the Eye

Glossy cabinets have one thing other cabinets can’t offer — depth and light reflection. If you want cabinets that help expand your kitchen space and bring a sense of lightness and airiness, white gloss cabinets are the perfect solution.


Staying Clean is Easy

As we mentioned, ease of cleaning is critical in most kitchen spaces simply because they get so much use — and there are so many messy things going on in them, from food preparation to washing up. A high gloss cabinet provides a slick surface that is easy to wipe down — and there are no places for dirt and spills to hide. Fingerprints, grease, and other smudges can be easily wiped away anytime they show up.


Modern is Marvelous

White kitchen cabinets are classic — and classy. And their white gloss counterparts bring that same element to the table, in a more contemporary way. White cabinetry reflects light and makes a room look bigger. Add gloss to that equation and you have a recipe for an expansive area that visually extends your square footage. If you choose frameless gloss cabinets, the payoff can be even greater as your eye can flow seamlessly around the room.


Deciding on Cabinets? The Answer is Not Always Black and White


Making a decision on cabinetry is one of the most important — and difficult — parts of smart kitchen design. After all, your cabinets are one of the largest, most eye-catching and design-defining elements in your kitchen space, and they will be with you for some time.


That’s why at ProCraft, we offer a wide range of cabinet styles, colors, and textures to fit any design scheme. Whether you want the drama and elegance of a matte black kitchen, the contemporary power of white gloss cabinets, or something else altogether — our selection of cabinetry ranges from traditional to modern, with many finishes and colors from which to choose.


Searching for the right cabinets for yourself or your clients? Contact a ProCraft representative and get in touch today!