Invest in Your Home — And Yourself — with a Stunning Bathroom Remodel


Homeowners love their kitchens and baths, and nothing proves it more than the most recent market report released by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), which showed explosive growth in kitchen and bath remodels. These two areas of the home are the most important living spaces to homeowners — and home buyers — and so they naturally become the focus for updates and remodels.


In 2021, post-pandemic American homeowners are focusing on creating luxurious, upgraded bathrooms that provide a touch of luxury as well as utility. The upsurge in interest in bath remodels is due in part by homeowners’ wish to save money, with more than half of budget-friendly remodels focusing on updating cabinets to get the greatest return on investment. 


Planning a Bathroom Remodel for the Greatest Return on Your Investment


A bathroom remodel can help you achieve your dream bathroom, whether that is a spa-like atmosphere with all the amenities — steam shower, towel warmers, touchless sink faucets — or a simple, modern bath that utilizes every inch of available space to its advantage. And the great thing about remodeling is that even old, cramped, outdated bathrooms can be vastly improved with just a few simple, cost-effective changes such as new fixtures and new cabinets.


In fact, with housing markets booming, a smart bathroom remodel can put up to 182% of its value — or more — into your pocketbook at resale. So, whether you’re creating a soothing space to get away from the stresses of the day or simply creating more storage and functionality, remodeling your bathroom is the perfect way to add value to your home — and your lifestyle. 


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Types of Remodels and Their Return on Investment 


To give you an idea of what to expect when you undertake a bath remodel, we looked to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report that outlines what level of return homeowners can expect from bathroom remodels, depending on the renovation effort and finish level. We also considered real estate leader Zillow’s collected data on bathroom remodels that showed that remodeled baths provide the biggest boost to your home’s resale value, providing a $1.71 increase in value for every dollar you spend remodeling. Zillow also provided most of the data on remodeling returns.


Standard Remodels


A standard remodel features more than just cosmetic changes such as paint and lighting and requires replacement of significant items such as cabinetry, fixtures, and more. These remodels can cost between $15K to $18K and return 64.8% to 68.4% on investment.


Midrange Remodels


Midrange remodels focus on providing quality — but not luxury — finishes. Think new floors and tile, mid-range cabinetry, solid-surface countertops, and chrome fixtures. This type of remodel, on average, will cost around 19K, with a hefty 70.1% return on your investment.


Upscale Remodels


These remodels focus on top-of-the-line amenities such as heated floors, steam showers, and soaker tubs as well as an expanded layout and high-quality fixtures. Frameless showers, niches, double sinks, and high-end cabinetry can complete the look. For this remodel, expect to spend an average of $61K with a return of 56.2% upon resale. 


Universal Design Remodels


Aging in place and accessibility is important to many homeowners, so universal design elements are becoming more popular in homes. Universal design includes accessibility features such as wider doorways, lower countertops and cabinets that are wheelchair-friendly, roll-in shower access, and more. Due to the increasing popularity of these features, a mid-range remodel of this type will cost around $16.3K with a generous 70.6% return on investment.




If your home has fewer bathrooms than bedrooms, adding a bath can bring significant value to your home at resale — and provide increased convenience for you while you own the home. Of course, additions come in all shapes and sizes and that will determine both cost and return. On average, however, a standard 6X8 bathroom addition with midrange features will cost $44K and return 59.9% upon sale. 


As you can see whether you are looking to brighten up an aging bath, expand it into a luxury ensuite, or add on a new bath to your home, you will be making a positive investment in your home that will provide years of enjoyment — and ultimately value. 


Ready to Remodel Your Bath?


After the cost of labor and installation, the biggest spend in your remodeled bathroom will be the cabinetry. And that makes sense, seeing as cabinets are the biggest style element in your design. Vanities and other bathroom cabinetry can set the tone for your bath. Will they be sleek and modern with a clean, European vibe? Or will you opt for timeless elegance or classic simplicity? Which wood type and color will most closely match the look you are going for? Will you choose the framed or frameless options?


Since cabinets will be one of the biggest budget items in your remodel, you want to ensure they are the highest quality that you can afford. And, because they represent a significant style element, you want to make the right decision when choosing which of the many available options are right for your space and your budget. That’s why it is essential to source your cabinets from a dealer that specializes in providing high quality cabinetry from manufacturers that have total control over the entire creative process.


This level of control not only provides greater quality assurance, but it also allows for streamlined processes that lower costs, providing significant savings to the consumer. 


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