Leverage the Trend in Warm Neutrals with Luxurious Cabinets in Cashmere

Finding the right hues for one of the most important features of your home—your cabinetry—is critical. After all, your cabinets are fixed furnishings and probably make up a large portion of the cost of a remodel or home design. The combination of budget considerations and the prominence of cabinetry throughout the home—in the kitchen, bath, laundry, and even other living spaces—means you will want to ensure your cabinet choices will stand the test of time.


While “colors of the year” are a common theme among design professionals, certain colors are considered classics that are meant to last, and warm neutrals fall into this category. As the world recovers from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its attendant disruption, more consumers are turning to these earthy favorites to evoke a feeling of calm, natural serenity. Warm neutral colors can range from off-whites to brown-tinged grays to warm browns, and especially ivories with a touch of café latte, such as cashmere. While there is no “best color” for kitchen cabinets, there are some, such as these luscious neutrals, that lend themselves well to creating a timeless décor.


Using Cashmere—and Other Warm Neutral Cabinet Finishes—in Your Décor

At ProCraft, we offer a range of warm neutral cabinets in a variety of designs and styles to fit any décor and living space perfectly. A warm neutral palette can elevate any space, making it look either casual or elegant—or both—depending on the other elements in your design. Neutral tones are more sophisticated and refreshing than some of the more typical cabinet colors and can help bring a touch of natural charm into your space.


Warm neutral cabinets are the chameleons of the kitchen when it comes to décor. Depending on what they are paired with in terms of backsplashes, flooring, lighting, and countertops, as well as soft furnishings such as draperies and chairs, they can be both casual and elegant.


Using Warm Neutrals for Elegance

A kitchen dressed in neutral colors is both soothing and elegant, and it goes especially well in a space that hosts not just people, but foods. Warm tones are particularly good at adding interest to kitchen spaces, especially when paired with luxurious natural finishes such as granite countertops and stone backsplashes. Bronzed steel or brass-toned fixtures add complexity and make the overall palette a bit more dynamic, while leather-covered seating such as dining chairs and barstools can add another layer of elegance.


Cabinets in colors like Cashmere Matte, a favorite in our Milania Series, offer a luxe look that is understated rather than ostentatious, giving a refined and classically elegant feel to any living space.


The Casual Side of Cashmere

Colors like Cashmere Matte and other warm neutrals such as Newport Milstone, Windsor Ashen, and various wood tones can also offer homeowners the perfect way to bring a warm, welcoming vibe into their kitchen and dining spaces. In creating a muted kitchen color scheme, pay close attention to layering and composition, bringing individual tones out in each layer. Using various shades of the same neutral color can help tie together the design and bring a restorative, relaxed feeling to the room. That means pairing neutral-colored cabinets with subtly differing shades of the same neutral on backsplashes, countertops, and perhaps even flooring. To add whimsy or highlight features such as architecture, plants or art can serve as bright focal points. When you use neutrals such as Cashmere Matte as your cabinet color choice, it is easy to change the tone and vibe of the space simply by switching out art pieces or other areas of focus. This ability to change the room’s personality through accent pieces allows you infinite décor opportunities that will help your room remain relevant and beautiful through many years of use.



Consider Cashmere Matte—Or Our Other Warm Neutral Cabinets—as Your Basis for Great Décor

At ProCraft, we offer many fine warm neutral cabinets from which to choose when designing your perfect kitchen or dining space. From sleek, contemporary styles featuring our luxe Cashmere Matte, to traditional, transitional, and even other modern choices, we have a full range of versatile neutrals from which to choose.


Warm neutral cabinets are the perfect way to bring elegance, warmth, or even a casual coziness to your living areas—the choice is entirely up to you. By pairing these high-quality cabinets with the right lighting, countertops, backsplashes, and flooring you can create a room that reflects the way you want to live, whether you prefer a laid-back vibe or classically elegant surroundings. Most importantly, all our ProCraft cabinets are carefully crafted using the highest-quality construction for durability and the most return on your investment.


Whether you want timelessly classic styles or the latest trends, we have the best kitchen cabinets that will help elevate your home interior for years to come.


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