Our Frameless Cabinets

The Milania Series

Thinking clean and contemporary? Our Milania Frameless Series fits the bill. Without the overlay around the edges, Milania offers a minimal, open appearance that lights up the room.

Anniversary Oak


Blanco Gloss

Blanco Matte

Indigo Blue Gloss

Indigo Blue Matte

Fresno Rosario

Gris Gu

Gris Metallic

Gris Plomo Gloss

Gris Plomo Matte

Lakeland Oak


Navy Matte

Negro Gloss

Negro Matte

Nogal Slow

Olive Matte

Pino Sacremento

Roble Iguzu


The Milania Series Box Construction
ProCraft Quality At a Glance
3/4" plywood box
5/8" wooden dovetail drawer boxes (standard)
3/4" plywood shelves
Full-extension undermount soft-close drawer slides
6-way adjustable soft-close hinges

See It In Action

Sturdy and strong. Stylish and chic, Milania cabinets are the perfect example of our signature craftsmanship.

Negro Matte, Luglandis

Olive Matte, Avellana

Navy Matte

Blanco Matte