The New Colors for Our Milania Series of Cabinets

New Colors from left to right: Roble Iguzu, Blanco Gloss, Olive Matte, Indigo Blue Gloss, Negro Matte and Blanco Matte

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ProCraft, we do our best to stay up on trends so we can offer our customers the latest colors and styles for their kitchens or any other room where they need storage or cabinetry. Every year, the styles and colors which have become popular and the latest thing for home remodeling change, so we do our best to follow the Colors of the Year from the likes of Valspar and Sherwin Williams. What does his mean for you? It means when you contact ProCraft for your cabinetry, you will be able to choose from the latest colors and styles.  


Our Milania series of cabinets are the latest in modern design. They are frameless, meaning when you look at the installed cabinets in a kitchen, it creates a nearly seamless appearance between each cabinet for a clean, modern look. The Milania series sets your room apart and creates a unique space for your family.  


This desire to update our Milania series every year means that, for 2021, we have the industry’s hottest new colors. If you want to be the talk of your neighborhood, get started by contacting your local ProCraft dealer today so we can start the ball rolling.  



Here are the brand new Milania colors:


1. Iguaza

A touch of elegance that brings with it a touch of lightness, too. Classical woodgrain appearance in a lighter color to brighten your kitchen and your home.



2. Blanco Gloss

A homeowner looking for a clean, new space cannot go wrong with white. Brighten the space with this new white color to really add something unique to your home.



3. Olive Matte

This dark green color will make any home stand out from the rest. Melded with our Milania series of frameless cabinets, this color will renew your kitchen. 



4. Indigo Blue Gloss 

If blue is your color, then you can’t go wrong with this one. The high gloss finish will add sparkle and shine to the finished room.



5. Negro Matte

Sometimes black is just your color. For a consistent clean, and different appearance our matte black really creates a modern look for your room.



6. Blanco Matte

The clean look of white without the shininess, matte white creates a very updated look without the glare.



Experience What ProCraft Can Do for Your Home 

When you’re looking to update your kitchen or any room where you need cabinets and storage, experience the ProCraft difference. We have the latest styles and can provide both a vintage or modern aesthetic to your home. Our colors stand out and one of our dealers will work with you to create just the right room and the right cabinets for your needs. Contact us today and we’ll discuss how ProCraft can bring life to your home.