ProCraft does packaging on site and why that matters

There are a lot of reasons we can give you for why ProCraft should be your go-to company for cabinetry of any kind throughout your home. We think the colors we offer are better, the design of our cabinets are more beautiful, our dealers work better and create a new room in your home better than anyone else. However, we freely acknowledge we are probably a bit biased in those regards. At ProCraft, we pride ourselves on thinking about all the details, and there’s one key piece we offer that other cabinetry companies might not, and it’s something you might not think of immediately.  
ProCraft has state-of-the-art packaging equipment on site, including Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville and Dallas. Why is this a benefit? Well, this article is here to give you reasons why this seemingly small thing can make a huge difference for your home. 
In the meantime, if you want to contact ProCraft to find out how we can help you with your kitchen or home, contact us today and we’ll get started with the entire process.  

Introducing the Packsize packaging machine  

The machine ProCraft is using is from Packsize On Demand Packaging. It’s a machine which custom makes boxes and packaging so companies like ProCraft can package and ship much easier, faster, and with fewer problems along the way. It takes all the measuring details and little things into consideration for us to provide packaging that fits and protects our cabinets and materials perfectly.  
How it works is once each cabinet undergoes quality control, a barcode on the back of the cabinet is scanned, uploading its weight and dimensions to the Packsize machine. Once specs are in the system, the cabinet passes in front of the Packsize machine for the operator to create its box. What comes out in the end is a box and packaging perfectly matched to the cabinet.

What are the benefits of using the packaging machine?


    1. Tighter fit – when you’re shipping something that you want to arrive at the destination in one piece, you need the packaging to fit tightly. Too much room and the cabinet would bounce around, shift, move and possibly end up damaged when it arrived at the home. The customized packaging we produce creates a tight fit, so this doesn’t happen. Once the packaging is created exactly to size, the cabinet fits like a glove inside the box.  

    3. Less damage – when the packaging is right, the fit perfect, for each cabinet, then the shipping goes a lot more smoothly. What does this mean for you? It means your cabinets arrive safely and damage-free unlike other companies who don’t customize with their own packaging equipment.

    5. On time – we at ProCraft know you want your kitchen cabinets delivered on time so you can enjoy your new kitchen. When the cabinets arrive damage-free, they can be installed quickly with minimal delays due to the replacement of damaged cabinets. Undamaged cabinets means faster construction and installation.  


This is the ProCraft difference  

Maybe, to some, it seems like a minor difference. We use a machine to create customized packaging for our cabinets, which the customer never sees. However, when you add in the fact that doing so ensures the cabinets arrive in great condition, preventing the need for rework due to damaged cabinetry, so that our our dealers can deliver your new cabinets on time. This is significant when you consider all of the things that can happen if your cabinets arrive late or damaged. This is what makes ProCraft different from others. We invest in the right equipment and keep tabs on the industry to make sure we have the latest tools in place to provide great service.  
If we put this much care and consideration into the packaging of our products, imagine how much care and attention to detail we put into manufacturing superior quality cabinets for your home. Contact the experts at ProCraft today to discuss your needs.