Tips on Using Dark Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Whether you’re building a new home or making improvements to your existing living space, you will want to be aware of what is trending in kitchen design to give yourself a good starting point for making major purchases—like cabinetry.


Your kitchen is the heart of the home, even more so now that the coronavirus pandemic has accustomed more families to eating — and cooking — in their own homes rather than opting for meals out. Because we are spending more time in our own kitchens, we want them to reflect our personal style, yet meet the functional demands of busy at-home cooks.


While the classic lines of white kitchens never go out of style, there is an enduring trend for dark cabinetry that is persisting into the current decade. Dark cabinets can be both warm and contemporary, allowing designers and homeowners to bring a range of style and feeling to this important area of the home. And, if they are used correctly, they can bring a touch of coziness without minimizing the feel of your space.


Using Dark Cabinets Without Shrinking Your Space

Dark cabinets are warm, inviting, and tasteful. But many people worry about the tendency of dark cabinetry to shrink spaces, making them appear smaller than they really are. Nothing could be further from the truth — as long as you stick to these few design rules.


Use Dark Base Cabinets

One thing to consider when choosing how to use dark cabinetry in your kitchen is to keep the darkest color in the lower third of the kitchen. By keeping the bulk of the space, the upper two-thirds, filled with lighter, airier colors — whether they consist of lighter cabinets or wall colors — you can lighten the overall feel of the space and keep your kitchen feeling more open.


Strike a Balance

The key to using dark cabinetry without overwhelming your space and visually shrinking it is to pair it with lighter colored countertops. For example, beautiful white marble countertops make a striking contrast with black or dark wood cabinets to lighten up the overall color scheme. Having white or light-colored walls and ceiling can also help balance the light to dark ratio for a bigger, more expansive look to the space.


Go for the Sparkle

Nothing enhances — and expands — a space more than reflective surfaces. In fact, mirrored backsplashes, glass, and stainless-steel appliances are a great interior design trick to allow light to travel more easily throughout a room. Mirrored or other reflective surfaces can bring light and energy into a space and balance the heaviness of dark colored cabinets. And if you really want to bring some space-expanding sparkle to your kitchen, consider high gloss dark cabinetry that can help maximize natural and ambient light sources.


Think Minimal

Everyone knows that excess clutter — from tchotchkes to window treatments — can make a room seem smaller, and kitchens are no exception. When considering dark cabinetry, streamline the rest of the décor in your kitchen. Minimize clutter on walls and countertops and pare down kitchen essentials to give your room a peaceful and zen-like feel. If you must have shades on your windows, opt for the clean lines of Roman shades or even louvered blinds to reduce distractions to the eye.


Think Modern

Another way to use dark cabinets in a way that keeps your space more open is to choose cabinetry with simple, clean, and modern lines. And consider choosing doors that are handle-less for a real space-expanding trick. Reducing extrusions allows your kitchen to capitalize on uninterrupted lines, creating a sleeker, more efficient, and more spacious feel.


Include Glass

Glass is a great way to bring light into the kitchen and expand your space. Make sure your kitchen has plenty of windows or sliding doors or consider replacing part of the roof with glazing or skylights. When considering dark cabinetry, replace the upper cabinet doors from solid fronts to those with glass in them to open up the space at eye level and help reflect light from windows and doors.


Go Dark and Moody

One kitchen trend is taking the design world by storm — all black kitchens. When you choose black for everything from appliances to countertops to wall paint and cabinets you create a unifying theme that brings a touch of moodiness and elevates an ordinary kitchen. Because there is a deliberate harmony about a one-color scheme, the dark cabinets and other accouterments can actually work to expand the space.


Ready to Move to the Dark Side?

If you like the way dark cabinetry can elevate your kitchen design, there is no need to fear using dark cabinets in your space. From rich, dark wood tones to popular grays and blacks, our ProCraft cabinets have the design features that bring elegance and performance to every kitchen space.


Because we know homeowners like many choices, we offer both traditional cabinet styles alongside exciting frameless options. Whether you want cabinets you can adorn with design-specific hardware, or you are looking for the contemporary sleekness of handle-less cabinetry, our selection has you covered.


We also offer several cabinet finishes to choose from ranging from textural matte finishes to light-reflecting glosses, ensuring you have the maximum range of options when choosing cabinetry for the kitchen of your dreams.


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